Dear Beloved CryptoVerifiers,

We are pleased to announce that our Genesis Mining will be officially launched on:

October 18th 10:00 PM (UTC +8)

CryptoVerified’s mining is divided into two types: Liquidity Mining and NFT Mining.

1. Liquidity Mining

By providing liquidity for CVD trading pairs on PancakeSwap (buy CVD link), and staking LP Tokens into the liquidity mining pools, users can obtain CVD. Presently, CryptoVerified has opened three liquidity pools [CVD-BUSD] [CVD-BNB] and [BUSD-USDT].

2. NFT Mining

CryptoVerified’s NFTs not only are held for keepsake as valuable collectibles, but at the same time, users can also stake their collected NFTs into our mining pools to obtain mining rewards. NFTs of different levels and completeness have different mining powers. Mining efficiency will depend on the total mining power of the pledged NFT in proportion to the total network’s mining power.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through Telegram or Twitter.

Twitter: @GetCryptoV

Thank You Again for Your Trust and Support,

CryptoVerified Team




NFT Marketplace + DeFi Liquidity Mining that's FAIR FOR ALL

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NFT Marketplace + DeFi Liquidity Mining that's FAIR FOR ALL

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